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Source: Orientation Police by Bill Roundy

This is cute as fuck and describes pretty accurately how I feel too.

This comic is included Anything that Loves edited by Zan Christensen.  

aside from this comic being really cute and honest, it also points out this really huge glaring problem in the gay community in relation to trans-men.

in my experience with a lot of gay men, they have this extremely purist view when it comes to what being a “real man” is, which is bad enough when you have different gay subcultures (bears, gymrats, etc) who have different specific definitions of what a “real man” is.

however for the most part, many gay men seem to agree upon a point of leaving trans-men not only out of their gender, but out of their sexuality as well and I have a real fucking problem with that.

i’m pretty open about things that relate to my sexuality, and i myself identify more or less as a homosexual, but i’ve found the worst part in the gay community is dealing with this bullshit. eventually i found that i at least have the luxury of telling guys to fuck off if i don’t meet their standards, but i know that’s a lot harder for folk when they seem to have the entire population of homosexuals more or less invalidating not only their gender, but their orientation as well.

with all of that said, i just ask this. if you happen to be a cisgender homosexual, like myself, don’t tell other gay men that they aren’t actually gay if they’re dating or have had relations with a trans-man because that’s a load of fucking bullshit.

more important, under any circumstance do not tell a trans-man they’re not a man or that they aren’t allowed to like other men who are homosexual, be they cis or trans.

that’s all i really wanted to say.

hey uhhh my dash seems to need this right now hello lets be better informed

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aka: where to get information on this that is more reliable than hysterical tumblr text posts

it’s super important to keep yourself informed about these things, but too often we’ll see things on our dash and immediately assume what we’re reading is 100% fact.

so, if you’d like to know more than “RUSSIA HAS INVADED UKRAINE WE’RE ON THE EDGE OF WWIII” (which, by the way, is not true) here are some sources for you!

bbc news: (british news source, renowned)

crimea explainedinc. why crimea is important, the divide in crimea, legal status, will it spark a war. good knowledge to have!

key points + as it happenslive page updating as events involved. also includes some bullet-pointed ‘key’ things that provide some background.

analysismore about the actual crisis

(+ if you go on any of those three articles you’ll find a ton more that are good to read)

al jazeera: (widely renowned int. news source)

timelinefrom nov. 21st onwards. really useful. short reading.

obama and putinabout their ‘clash’, the phone call and us warnings to russia.

ukraine ‘on brink of disaster’: article is quoting ukranian PM, who has accused russia of declaring war. 

(+again, click around al jazeera and you’ll find more)


washington post: ukranian PM’s comments + general overview and comment

national geographic: useful q&a. more about protests in ukraine, but covers relationship between moscow and kiev.

new york timescovers russia and possible sanctions/evictions/damaged relationships with other countries

hopefully this will be useful for one or two people …

(Source: legholas)

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Portrait of Sugi Kiriyama (bottom, left) and sons just after their release from internment camp, 1946.

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Dont ask artists for free art you scrubs

How to waste your talent while losing your friends all at once because all you care about is money: A tumblr guide on how to be a cunt to those who admire you.

Imagine if the Mona Lisa was a commission and s/he had no money.

the mona lisa was a commission you shitshill, that’s how artists make a fucking living. it’s how we get the money to pay for things we need, because we don’t want to spend all our time working in a shitty job instead of doing things that are important to us, like working on personal projects or spending time with people we like. by thinking that you deserve free art is basically telling them “your time and skill isn’t worth anything but my personal enjoyment!” and if someone only wanted to be friends with me for free art, i don’t want that friendship because that sounds like an awful friend. artists are people with lives and often art is our only source of income and if you really admired us you would understand and support that.

jesus fucking christ “imagine if the mona lisa was a commission” rolls head back and laughs

"imagine if the mona lisa was a commission" AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

Holy fucking shit


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Vergvoktre,  Malaria


Vergvoktre,  Malaria